The Quest of Harek and John is a roleplay started by users Irskaad and Creatureboy11 about two adventurers who wish to explore the world.



  • Harek - Fighter of a Vedsur village, became lost during a manhood ritual.
  • John - Priest-in-training from Englos, strong believer of Kiendism

Harek was born in a Viking-like village in the country of Vedsur. When he turned 16, he undertook a manhood ritual, which was to attack an opposing village. While he did this, he got a bit lost in the fog, and then found a library, and began reading books about greece. After that, he shelters himself in a cathedral, having no clue about what the building's purpose was. There, he has thoughts of atheism, for he was not brought up to believe in what the church taught. There, he sees John, and John offers to take Harek with him, as an act of sympathy, there, he tells of his atheistic views, which disturbed John. But he needed a partner in his journeys, so he takes Harek with him.

Harek is a 16 year old slim and strong orc who has formidable strength from his 7 years of training in his village. He is a non-religious person, because his family is Pieldogist, which is a belief which says no god exists or made anything, instead, the world being all natural. Harek's current goal is to live in Greece.


John is a priest-in-training from Englos. He is a very kind person who came from one of the most religious, and therefor most powerful, families in Englos. A passionate Kiendist, he does all he can to do good. Despite this everlasting kindness, he is not fond of non-believers and even less so of non-religious people.

John's current goal is to be a Kiendist hermit.