The Quezax are a race of beings from the Milky way galaxy they are very powerful and appeare human however they are really much more advanced and can survive nearly anything.


The Quezax are very powerful however have a few flawed weakneses that they wish to keep secret.

  • There bodys are not able to survive in very cold tempetures.
  • Acid can cause them pain.
  • Electricity is there main weakness as it can cause a vast amount of energy to disapear from there bodys and cause them to slowly die.


They have power over fire and speed.They are nearly considered immortal and can survive in the vacuum of space for years.They look human but most have black or red hair that they claim is because of there ability over fire.They also have limited powers over teloporting.


The Quezax are said to be the creators of the human race giving them a God like Reputation when the Humans began having wars the Quezax nearly decided to kill off a large population of them until the humans quikley stopped having wars for a while.

1800th CenturyEdit

During the 1800th Century of the Human Race the Quezax erased all evidence of themselves from Earth leaving the Human race alone for years to come.They still watched over the humans closely but made no contact and instead began a hibernation period for about 20 years.When they awoke they started aducting humans to see what else was happening on Earth.

1900th CenturyEdit

After the 1800th Century Humans had become slightly more advanced then what the Quezax had planned.The Quezax began fearing the humans would go into space one day this fear came true when the humans launched a rocket that apparently sent men to the moon.