Gems are the main trading item in the universe. You can trade things ranging from weapons to WORLDS! There are seven types of gems:

  • Gold: As the least rare it can be only used as a cleaning agent.
  • Ruby: A very potent and hot spice when ground to powder.
  • Flame: A very strange gem it gives off a electric glow.
  • Ice: A immensely powerful poison used for war after catalyzed.
  • Negative: A gem that can give you the ability to create micro black holes.
  • Positive: Can heal even the biggest of wounds.
  • Master: The most powerful type of gem. It can give whole planets all the electricity they need.


Gems usually look like rocks combine with there name like, for example negative looks black or flame looks reddish and glows a bit.


Gems were first created in 1124 (Our universe years.) when Empire Supreme discovered the power of a rock called Gemitite hence,the name Gem, then mined it and fused it with exotic energies and other rocks. They then

called the creations Gems and sold Gems, traded Gems and bought other creatures replica gems.